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Because of the label ‘Sports Massage’, many often think they need to be involved with a sports team or be an athlete to benefit from the treatment. This isn’t the case. At JM Sports Massage, many techniques used on gym-goers and athletes can also benefit office workers, teachers, builders, plumbers, and many more. The techniques and rehabilitation may differ but the knowledge and understanding of the human body does not.

Sports Massage is a recognised name. It can mean the same as Soft Tissue Therapist or Manual Therapist. We all use manual therapies to work on or with the human body. Soft tissue techniques such as massage, frictions, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques are used to address musculoskeletal dysfunctions, chronic or acute pain, stress management and much more. Rehabilitation and remedial exercises are a big part of manual therapies, so even if you aren’t a gym bunny you may be shown some simple stretches and exercises to aid in your recovery.

I have many regular patients who benefit from my treatments and they feel I give a much firmer massage than local spas or therapists who use various relaxation techniques. There is a whole science behind sports massage and I have a complex understanding of the body and how it should work. These elements combined allow a simple relaxation session to offer so much more. Depending on who I treat, softer Swedish massage techniques can be used, or a combination of fascial release, soft tissue techniques and stretching can be applied to work on chronic areas of stress and tension.

I aim to have an approach that benefits quality of life. There is plenty of advice that I can share to aid with your general health and well being. Education on desk set-up, posture analysis, remedial exercise and nutritional advice are all benefits of seeing me at JM Sports Massage.

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