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Sports massage may not be the words that come to mind when thinking of a grandparent or older mother or father. Sports massage can be associated with pain and strong treatment, and some may be worried that this would not benefit an older person. Luckily, at JM Sports Massage, I can adapt my techniques for specific needs and forms of treatment. I regularly treat ladies and gentlemen over the age of 70 and have had great success with them. Treatment goals tend to differ a little to that of a young athlete, but a common goal is to improve range of movement and lessen pain.

There are many common shared mental and physical benefits to treating older people; any improvement to the health and general wellbeing of a person is important to me. By methodically kneading, stroking and working on specific pressure points, you can naturally improve the lubrication of certain joints, increase circulation, improve joint range of movement and reduce tension. Sleep quality can improve, which is vital to allowing the body to regenerate and repair itself, and daily pain can lessen, resulting in an overall state of general wellbeing.

Rehabilitation can apply to anyone and at any age. I always encourage patients to strengthen their muscles and sports massage can be used to do this as some techniques used to increase mobility and muscle activation.

As with patients of all ages, sports massage can improve posture, allowing older patients to manage or avoid certain age-related conditions such as degenerative disc disorder and spinal stenosis. Get in touch to see how we can help you or your loved one with any pains that there may be.

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