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Rapid growth, overtraining, poor body movements or heavy school bags can all contribute to how young people feel. A common mistake many make is to ignore a child’s pain because they are young and think they can’t be injured. I see many overuse injuries in young swimmers or footballers and am in constant demand to help young teenagers or adolescents with posture-related issues. Sometimes only a few sessions are required. manual therapy can be applied very quickly and I will advise the patient about rehabilitation or clinical exercises that can help many of these issues.

For young athletes, it is vital to learn how to train your body safely and efficiently. I always encourage a range of training methods and try to make these as fun and interesting as possible. Education is key for numerous reasons and I feel many young people who seek help aren’t sure why injuries are occurring or what to do to help ease pain and discomfort.

For anyone under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must be present at all times, appropriate clothing will always be worn and I use towels and pillows to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. I like to involve both patient and guardian with the treatment and am always happy to discuss any problems identified with trainers and coaches.

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