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Sports massage can be used as part of a regular training programme, to rehabilitate an acute injury or as part of a pre-event assessment. When people participate in high levels of activity, the body can become chronically fatigued and certain muscles can become inhibited or damaged. By encouraging lymph flow throughout the body and increasing circulation to bring better blood flow and nutrients to key muscle groups, you can prevent or reduce many issues commonly experienced by athletes. Delayed onset muscle soreness is a common symptom of training. Regular sports massage can be used to prevent, relieve or delay this onset, allowing an athlete to train harder, better and more efficiently.

The psychological benefits of sports massage are key for many people, and pre- and post-massage can make a huge difference to an athlete’s way of responding to injury. I sometimes have patients coming into the clinic before an event worried that the niggle in their hamstring or pain in their lower back will stop them from competing. A quick application of kinesiology tape or a brief assessment can rule out many issues and a guide will be given to the patient so that they are safe moving forward.

I am told regularly by patients that treatment increases the quality of their training, reduces recovery time, and delivers strength improvement and mobility gains. Fuel, equipment, education and passion are all key elements for an athlete, but you can have the best bike in the world and not win the race if you have a damaged body. Get in touch for more information and to discover what we can do for you.

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