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Sports Massage can be a useful treatment for many people. You may have recently suffered an injury that won’t quite go away. You might have been suffering from daily headaches or a sore lower back for too long. There is no time like the present to have these issues addressed.

As discussed in the How We Treat section, various manual therapies will be used, advice regarding rehabilitation programmes and remedial exercises are demonstrated and provided, general lifestyle advice is given. This as a whole covers what treatment is at JM Sports Massage.

Suffering from daily chronic pain shouldn’t be a way of life. Too many people feel that once you are past 40 you have had it and that sore joints, a stiff lower back or the inability to put your socks on without creaking is ‘just normal’ and ‘it’s an age thing’. At JM Sports Massage you can be seen at any age, under the age of 18 a chaperone will be required.

You don’t have to belong to a sports club or be a fitness fanatic to benefit from a Sports Massage. Many of my patients are office/desk-based and are sedentary for huge parts of the day. I treat many people who do manual work. Long hours or repetitive actions can wreak havoc on our bodies. Anything from tennis elbow, strained spinal ligaments, sore feet and much more can be why you may need to see JM Sports Massage.

I am lucky to work with a diverse group of massage patients ranging in all ages, shapes and sizes. I’m far from knowing it all, I am always trying to better myself. However, many years of experience has allowed me to open the door to more and more people.

I am always happy to discuss things prior to treatment and I know when to stay in my lane. You can still have the initial consultation, however, if it is deemed that you would receive better treatment from someone with different qualifications to me then no fee will be charged. I will also endeavour to find the right practitioner for you.

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