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Following shoulder surgery, my NHS physiotherapist had suggested some extra stretches and massage to assist in my recovery and to consider a sports massage. Unconnected friends recommended Jenny. The benefits from the treatment have been remarkable. Unfortunately, I now have a knee injury but Jenny has the skills and ability to multi-task in her treatments. She has a wide range of time slots and flexible locations in her appointments system. She suggests a person-specific exercise/stretch routine that is achievable. A very pleasant lady, and I always leave feeling great!

Catherine Carter

I met Jenny after hobbling back to the start line from a 10k race having suffered a knee injury. Having helped me back to a full training programme and in time for the triathlons I had planned later that year, I’ve continued to see Jenny every 4-6 weeks to support me in my training for various events, up to Ironman distance. Jenny is a brilliant sports therapist – not only is she quick to get to the root cause of any niggles/injuries I might have (and help to fix them!), she treats me as an individual – she makes an effort to understand me, my priorities (upcoming races/busy periods at work etc) and builds these into the support she provides me with, whether that be stretches/exercises to work on or the timing and frequency of the appointments. On top of that she is just a very nice person who is easy to talk to, and no matter the intensity of the manipulation she applies, I always come away feeling great.

Ben Fowler

In passing conversation at an appointment with my Osteopath, I mentioned that my 11 year-old son Bertie had been seeing a Podiatrist for his flat feet, which were causing him some pain when he was running. He had undergone a process of receiving various insoles to improve his arch, the process of which wasn’t always a comfortable one and wasn’t improving.

She told me that flat feet were absolutely fine as they were. There was no need to have them corrected and that with the right exercises, his flat feet wouldn’t be a problem to him and insoles would not be required.

My Osteopath agreed to see Bertie to check spine alignment and so forth and then she referred him to Jenny.

On our first consultation, Jenny immediately made my son feel at ease. She assessed him thoroughly, advised him that his flat feet were not a problem at all and, that with some massage, manipulation and home exercises, he would soon find that he didn’t need his insoles.

Jenny provided Bertie with a set of exercises to help him and, knowing how difficult it is to get children to be disciplined and do exercises like this, he was very pleased to hear that they could all be done in front of the TV!

We had a few sessions with Jenny which have made a dramatic difference, with Bertie feeling better each time; in fact his insoles were put to one side after the first session to see how he got on. The results were amazing; he never wore them again, and we have never looked back. He has no pain in his feet anymore and that is thanks to Jenny.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jenny and if Bertie needed to see her again, would be back in a flash.

Charlotte Hill

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