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What I am leaning towards more with my sports massage session is this: ‘create a window of time, where pain and other symptoms are reduced significantly. Use this window to create better habits and enforce positive changes with the use of remedial exercises and lifestyle adjustments’

There are many forms of massage therapy – some call it an art alongside a science. And there are many versatile techniques that can be used to aid with the diverse variety of issues that present in our bodies.

Treatment performed primarily with the hands is used in a systematic, scientific way to manipulate the soft tissues. Common techniques used by Sports Massage Therapists are Swedish or deep tissue massage, manipulative therapy, myofascial release therapy and soft tissue release.

By understanding a vast collection of techniques, you can address problems from backache to overuse syndrome. You can help many people and work around potential problems. The therapeutic effects of massage can aid in restoring normal sleep patterns, relieve tension from key areas of the body and have a well-tested ability to ease depression and anxiety.

I have treated many people with chronic ongoing problems, people who feel they have tried everything and have had little or no success. I view sports massage as a way of viewing and understanding the body in a way that your usual therapist wouldn’t – our tutors describe us as ‘complete therapists’. I am always looking for new skills to add to the name Sports Massage. The more I learn the more I use it as a blanket term for treatment at JM Sports Massage. There is no one technique that will get you better. Nor a simple way to describe what it is we do.

Rehabilitation takes time. Treatments take manual work and patience. Understanding why an injury happened is complicated but ‘Sports Massage’ as a whole can help.

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