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An osteopathic treatment can aid in chronic or acute issues with the body and isn’t limited to the neck and back, although these are the common areas to be treated. Osteopaths use manual manipulation of the joints and soft tissues to reduce pain and increase the range of movement. I find that many patients’ problems can be solved with the manual therapies I am trained in; however, I often recruit specialist Osteopaths for additional help and guidance.

From as young as the age of eight, I can remember needing to see an Osteopath – I was lucky enough to have a very talented one as a mother. During her career, she has run a successful practice, studied acupuncture, nutrition and Pilates. Her medical understanding of the body is second-to-none and with 35 years of experience, she is a valued contributor to JM Sports Massage. She encouraged me when I first discovered sports massage and has helped me to better understand the body.

I find that part of any treatment is knowing when to refer to other therapists, as the right advice and treatment is vital to all. Alongside my mother, I have worked with another talented Osteopath, Andrew Maxwell. He is actively helping me with my Manipulative Therapy diploma and aids in treating patients when I cannot do so myself. He has been an Osteopath for almost 20 years and has aided me personally with a recurring neck issue.

I am always learning and discovering new courses to participate in, I want my knowledge and quality of treatment to continually improve. I am currently actively studying to become a Manipulative Therapist, which involves various articulations and mobilisation techniques discovered and used by Osteopaths. This course has given me a greater understanding of musculoskeletal pain and introduced me to many more manual and rehabilitation techniques.

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