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Medical Acupuncture, often referenced as Dry Needling, is a technique that involves inserting very fine needles, of different lengths into the body for a therapeutic effect. Needles are inserted into identified problem areas, stimulating soft tissue healing and aiding the restoration of normal tissue function.

As a manual therapist, I felt medical acupuncture would compliment the way I already treat patients. I treat the structure and functions of the body by applying varying degrees of pressure and incorporating active and passive movements. Medical Acupuncture allows me to work into the deeper structures of the body with less force, this can be more beneficial for those who struggle with chronic pain and may react negatively to other manual techniques. Areas of acute pain can be specifically targeted in a less aggressive way. This would be ideal for someone who is already in a lot of pain but needs treatment.

Effects from Medical Acupuncture can include slight redness to the skin and a warming effect in the immediate area of the needle is felt. While the needle stimulates the soft tissues, a pain reduction response takes place in our brain.

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