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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in ASHTANGA VINYASA AND YOGA ANATOMY

In March I completed an intensive 4-week course with the wonderful Julia Gavin and Helen Downey

If you are one of my patients then the chances are I have spoken about Yoga and encouraged you to try it. The thing I bang on about most is movement and guess what… in a yoga class, you do a load of that.

Whilst I could not do face to face appointments I decided to start my Yoya Teacher Training journey. Previously, taking a month off work would have seemed impossible. I feel very happy to have taken advantage of current situations and completed something that I hope will make me better at helping you. My key idea at the moment is to develop a beginners class that in a basic form is Yoga. However teach the complexities of breath, movement, muscle activation and much more.

I met Julia in 2020 and was drawn in by her passion for yoga and interest in the human body. Taking part in one of her many courses seemed the best option, her focus on Anatomy and Alignment made me feel it would be a great fit with my preexisting skill set.

I have taken part in yoga classes on and off for almost 10 years, however, when a good friend and now fellow yoga teacher started doing online yoga classes in March 2020, during the first lockdown, my practice became consistent and my main fitness focus. Anna Hillaby still runs weekly online classes for all abilities. These classes really helped me have a focus last year and it was nice to see a friendly face!

I am slowly introducing Yoga sessions to JM Sports Massage. I will soon be biweekly virtual Yoga session via Zoom and am offering small group or one to one sessions. Please contact me directly for prices.

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