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At JM Sports Massage each session is tailored to you and your requirements. After a brief assessment that may take place over the phone, via email or text, you will be booked in for an appointment.

At the start of the appointment, you will be asked relevant medical questions, any scan reports you may have will be looked at and a copy may be taken. Medications, previous operations, trauma or injuries will be discussed. This is not only so the therapist can gage appropriate treatment, but it also allows us to understand if manual therapy is suitable for you.

Following this, a physical assessment will take place. You may be asked to demonstrate when and where you have pain and to gently recreate any actions that give you symptoms. Alongside medical history, this will start to build a picture as to why you may be experiencing issues or pain.

I have learned over the years how important it is to listen to what is said, after all, you are the one feeling it. I like to think that the session is in much of your control as mine. So, even though I use manual therapies and firm techniques you should never be in agony. I like to describe the feeling of good pain to patients before the start of a session. You can tell you are being worked on however, it feels relieving, helpful and nice.

As many different areas of the body will be looked at please bring loose fit shorts. This makes movement assessments easy, palpation comfortable and no restrictions to the session. Towels and pillows are also used for your comfort. I primarily use coconut oil however an alternative can be provided if requested.

Many different techniques can be used during any session. Some examples of the types of treatments you may receive at JM Sports Massage can be viewed below.

Muscle Testing
Medical Acupuncture
Kinesiology Taping
Remedial and rehabilitation Exercises

You can also visit our testimonial page and see how happy our patients are with the variety of techniques used.

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