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I have visited Liverpool for the past 3 years and at the start of 2018 I decided it was time to make the move. So I left my Hertford clinic, packed up the house and with dog in tow I joined my boyfriend who has lived here for the past 2 years. I have always enjoyed my visits up North however leaving a full clinic in my hometown seemed like such a big risk and moving to a City is something I had never thought of. Even though it is early days I’m pleased to say I feel like this has been the best decision.

Now I am fully submerged in the Liverpool lifestyle I am starting to understand why many say people are happy up North. Not only is there a great sense of community and support, people are genuinely interested in you and your business. Having a southern accent makes for a conversation starter and I have always found people to be interested in what I do. After all who doesn’t have aches and pains?

The Baltic Triangle is full of independent businesses and an area I already knew. I had never set up in a large building before and it’s a little different to your usual clinic environment. However I have had patients say it is calm and tranquil, for me it is nice to have people around. Hub Squared is a multi-business office space set in the heart of Liverpool’s creative business quarter. ‘We provide a creative and welcoming atmosphere that gives a vibrant community endless reasons to meet, learn, collaborate and grow.’ – HubSquared

Quality of life is important to me. I have always been one to work hard, it is something I believe everyone should do. Being in Liverpool is helping me get the balance a little better. When I don’t have patients I am taking the time to get to know the area. I have had trips to the beach, New Brighton is a favourite and is 20 minutes down the road. I have started to look for running clubs and have been invited to join in the Otterspool Sunday 7 mile!

I have already signed up to some CPD courses here and have some connections in Manchester from previous qualifications. Having a large network is an important factor for my clinic. I have found in the past that you can’t treat or help every issue someone has however being able to advise on other therapies or treatment plans with other colleagues can aid in the recovery of a patient.

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