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Do you have Lower Back Pain?

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Many of us wake up with stiff, tight or sore lower backs. Often this is because we don’t do the right things during the day and we don’t look after ourselves enough. The best way to counteract these issues is to start tackling the most simple of issues. Movement!

Lower back pain can range from severe debilitating muscle spasms to a mild ache that eases as the day goes on but always returns as you are getting into bed. Often, I see that patients have bad movement habits, poor body control and they lack spinal mobility and strength. Starting a simple movement routine may aid your issue and improve your symptoms.

Please follow this link to see a video clip demonstrating an easy to follow remedial exercise routine.

This routine can be done at any point in the day. You may find it best for first thing in the morning as many of us can wake up feeling a little stiff. Even if you don’t have time to do a full routine just taking a few minutes to stretch out and start to mobilise your body will do you the world of good.

Other things to be mindful of:

Weight. Being overweight puts extra stress on your spine.
Smoking. Research has found people who smoke are more likely to suffer from lower back pain.
Workspace. Has your desk been set up to suit you and your daily tasks?
Overtraining. Do you do intense exercise every day? Regularly feel fatigued and sore? You may be in need of a few more rest days.
Untreated injury. Have you left the ache building for many years? Forgotten what it felt like before you started getting the pain?

Any questions please do get in touch.
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