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How often should I get Sports Massage?

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I often get asked this, it is a difficult question to answer as every person has their own goals, issues and injuries.

Sports Massage can be beneficial to many. It aids in muscle recovery, increases blood flow and nutrients, boost circulation to taught muscles, reduce pain, improve flexibility and mobility, promote relaxation and assist in stress management.


For an athlete training for an event I usually recommend treatment to happen every 3-4 weeks providing no current injury or rehabilitation is taking place. This can be increased to every 1-2 weeks leading up to the event.

When people participate in high levels of activity, the body can become chronically fatigued and certain muscles can become inhibited or damaged. By encouraging lymph flow throughout the body and increasing circulation to bring better blood flow and nutrients to key muscle groups, you can prevent or reduce many issues commonly experienced by athletes.

Active lifestyles

For a gym goer who suffers with muscle fatigue, slow recovery between training sessions or pain when training it can be different. Firstly I would need to asses if there is a current injury that is creating these symptoms. Any mobility issues, muscular imbalances or dysfunctions.

Similar to when training for an event people who train regularly can have tight over trained muscles. These muscles tend to feel knotty, gritty, hard or fibrous. In some cases the blood flow is restricted, this is where sports massage can be beneficial. Many techniques used in a session can boost the blood flow. Regular massage is just one part of managing these types of issues. It takes work from the patient, something you can be guided through during and after treatment.

Office workers

Sedentary lifestyles can also create muscular dysfunctions, poor posture attributes to tight and achy muscles. Sports Massage is also a great way of managing these issues. Instead of just rubbing where it hurts, we try to find out where and what may be causing these issues. We discuss in depth posture, aim to improve all sides of health and create better habits. Massage itself is a great way of treating and managing pain however sports Massage should be able to better find the dysfunction and aid in the muscle recovery. Again sports massage can be used to maintain better habits. A guide for this can be 4-6 weeks. The more a patient can do between sessions the longer the timeframe can be.

If you still aren’t sure if Sports Massage is for you. Please get in touch today.

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