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Support your Immune system

Why is colour important?

The nutrients in fruits and vegetables work together to protect us against cancer, hypertension, heart disease and other chronic illnesses and diseases. They can also support our immune systems, at times like this it is even more important to keep these systems strong and working at their optimal. This is achieved by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. A mix of Organic, Clean 15, Dirty Dozen, Frozen, certain tinned options and straight out of the ground.

I like the statement ‘eat the rainbow’. I find it easy to follow as I am a visual learner, anything that involves something I can see seems to stick in my mind. When we think of a rainbow, you think of bright and clean colours. This already has me thinking of farm shops with rows of funky looking fruit and veg. Understandably at the moment some fruit and veg options may be lacking, so please just improvise what you can.

When we think of the rainbow there are 5 main colours to think of. Red, Purple, Green, Yellow and White. Next time you do a food shop think about how bright does your basket look? Will you plate be full of the 5 colours above?

Eating a varied diet with a diversity of colourful foods is an easy way to get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals you need. Overall this will do much more than support your immune system.

Red fruits and vegetables can improve brain function, protect our hearts and can lower the risk of developing certain cancers.

Blue and purple fruits and vegetables are important for your memory, can regulate healthy digestion, promote healthy aging and help prevent heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables support your immune system, help build strong bones, contain nutrients that protect your nervous system, promote eye health and prevent heart diseases.

Green fruits and vegetables support your immune system function, protect you against cancer and regulate digestion.

White fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that support your immune system, minimise the risk of developing cancer and lower high blood pressure.

If you want to understand more about the benefits of colourful foods any why each colour has different nutritional benefits please click here.

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