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Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yoga Anatomy

I always promote exercise. It is such a large part of feeling good, staying motivated, self-love and general wellbeing. You know the feeling when you have got back from a run or managed your first press-up, well getting that feeling on a daily basis does wonder for your mental and physical health.

I have always pushed myself with training and unfortunately have had many injuries. Like many people out there I used exercise as a way to control my diet and “earn that treat meal,” I also focused on what my body looked like, making sure I had that summer body! Over the years, I have changed this attitude. I now exercise to feel good, support brain function, help my joints and prolonge my quality of life for as long as possible. I still like a challenge and this is where the active side of Yoga comes in.

Yoga can be done in so many different ways. Many people think you just stretch and breathe… strength, core and sweating don’t get a look in. Of course, yoga is suitable for all abilities and can be done at a pace that suits you. I prefer the harder classes as my aim is to build endurance, focus on technique through muscle activation and develop a strong core, which includes all the core muscles, not just the abdominals! I love balancing, breathing and moving. Fundamental things we should all do.

I was lucky enough to take part in a 200 hour Yoya Teacher Training Course with some local Liverpool Yoga Teachers. Julia Gavin is the founding teacher for this course with the daily help of Helen Downey and special classes with Penny. The course had a structure based around Anatomy and Alignment. This is why I felt this particular course with suit me and my existing knowledge of the body and its functions.

I am excited to bring some beginner classes to JM Sports Massage Liverpool. I will be looking to host biweekly classes on Zoom at the end of June. I will also be offering small group or one to one sessions for patients. The class will be suitable for all abilities and focus on technique and muscle engagement.

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