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Sports Massage – the language we use.

What do we mean when we (therapists) say tight?

Words can be truly misleading and thanks to the internet the access …

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Balance is control

Every injury has the potential to impair your proprioception capabilities and subsequently your balance. An unstable sensation may be felt …

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We talk a lot about posture and desk set up but we forget that movement is key. 

Our bodies are designed …

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Support your Immune system

Why is colour important?

The nutrients in fruits and vegetables work together to protect us against cancer, hypertension, heart disease …

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In light of the recent government announcements and research into my insurance I have made the hard decision to temporarily …

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National Fitness Day

What does Fitness mean to you?

This topic is broadly discussed in the media, I feel sometimes the point is a …

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Can Sports Massage help you?

There are numerous different types of therapies out there, all seeming to be called different things. It can be confusing …

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Membership Card


I have some news to share about the new Liverpool Membership card I have had designed. I teamed up with …

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How often should I get Sports Massage?

I often get asked this, it is a difficult question to answer as every person has their own goals, issues …

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Sitting and back pain.

Many of us seem to know that sitting is bad for us, however do we really understand why?

As the use …

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