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Jenny Miller

ISRM/BTEC (Level 5) Professional Diploma in Clinical Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy

Certified in Medical Acupuncture

Bodymaster Method Practitioner Diploma

Certified in Kinesiology Taping

Certified in Advanced Fitness

Training to become a Yoga Instructor

After studying at the London School of Sports Massage, I created my own business that now specialises in chronic pain, tissue manipulation and remedial exercise plans. For the past 10 years, I have gained experience by working with sports teams, in private clinic settings and for several years I joined an Osteopathic clinic. I have slowly migrated towards rehabilitation and helping those in persistent pain.

In 2018 I relocated to Liverpool. By using sport and remedial massage therapy I have established myself in Liverpool to help those in pain. I enjoy working in the independent centre of the City, the Baltic Triangle. I have met some fantastic people and developed some close relationships with local businesses. This has helped me build a great network that allows me to aid people in their general health and wellbeing.

I am constantly looking at ways to improve my skills and extend my knowledge. I have become qualified in Medical Acupuncture three years ago and have had great success with the treatment. I recently started a home study course on ‘Advanced Fitness’ and a ‘your yoga course – yoga basics’ I am actively studying anatomy, functional movement, and Neurokinetic therapy. I hope that this will help broaden my understanding of the body and allow me to help more people. My latest study is taking me deeper into muscle activations, inhibition, functional exercise and understanding pain.

2021 will bring a change to JM Sports Massage, in March I will start my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. Check back soon to see what this will bring to JM Sports Massage.

My work gives me the opportunity to help people from all walks of life. I provide remedial exercise programs and instruct patients on steps they can take to improve their general health. I am particularly adept at deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, medical acupuncture, muscle energy techniques and can also provide softer Swedish massage to help relieve stress and tension. My massage patients range from nine-year-old swimmers to retired ladies and gentlemen over 90 years of age who just need a little extra help. Treating this diverse group, alongside my years of experience, has allowed me to develop a comprehensive range of therapy skills. I am an excellent communicator and an empathetic listener and uphold the highest standards of discretion and professionalism at all times.

What to expect

First, you will have a brief assessment over the phone or via email, which should determine if a sports massage is suitable for your requirements.

Before you arrive at the clinic an online Covid-19 form will need to be completed. There will also be an attached medical history form. When you arrive at the clinic a history will be taken so we can discuss your current state of health and any relevant medical conditions. Often a movement assessment is involved so loose fitted shorts are required.

When hands-on therapy is required I do use coconut oil during the treatment. Any allergies should be disclosed prior to treatment. Other tools such as acupuncture needles or kinesiology tape may be used. More information will be provided prior to any treatment performed.

You will be requested to remove appropriate items of outer clothing, shorts will be kept on. You are always welcome to bring a chaperone with you. If you are under the age of 18, a chaperone is required.

Please view the How We Treat section for further information.

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