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After setting up a successful clinic in my home town Hertford, in 2018 I relocated to Liverpool and set up a clinic room in the Baltic Triangle. This part of Liverpool is not only vibrant and quirky, but it is also primarily used for small independent businesses.

Over the years I have developed my way of working with patients, my focus is manual therapies which give me a hands-on approach. I have a strong belief in exercise being part of the recovery process so I advise on Remedial Exercises too. I aim for at least 75% of treatment time to be spent working directly on patients. This can include deep tissue massage, muscle testing and stretching, trigger point therapy, cross fibre massage, medical acupuncture and many more techniques. I have learned from my previous injuries that the soft tissues need to be facilitated before rehabilitation can take place. The other 25% will be spent either going through remedial exercises that will help you with your issue or injury, or the time will be spent answering any questions you may have and going through a proactive treatment plan.

I am passionate about helping people and I love learning about the body. Each day is different and no two people the same.

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