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You may think that you need to be involved with sports or be a gym bunny to enjoy the benefits of sports massage, but this isn’t the case.

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Sports massage can be used as part of a regular training programme, to rehabilitate an acute injury or as part of a pre-event assessment. When people participate in high levels of activity the body can become chronically fatigued and certain muscles can become inhibited or damaged.

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Many people who participate in high level competitions and events understand the need to eat, sleep and train well but they don’t always know what is best when it comes to looking after their body.

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Muscle fatigue, inhibition, chronic stress, poor posture and overuse syndrome are just some of the problems I treat on a daily basis. Sports massage can alleviate the pain in tight shoulders, improve the incorrect posture that is stressing a lower back, and reduce the tension and damage in key areas.

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For young athletes it is vital to learn how to train your body safely and efficiently. I always encourage a range of training methods and try to make these as fun and interesting as possible.

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Rehabilitation can apply to anyone and at any age. I always encourage patients to strengthen their muscles and sports massage can be used to do this as some techniques used increase mobility and muscle activation.

So after setting up a successful clinic in my home town Hertford, I have relocated to Liverpool and am now aiming to have the same concept here. By setting up in the Baltic Triangle I feel I am joining many other small independent businesses. I have seen how people in Liverpool love to support the locals and help up and coming areas to grow.

Over the years I have developed soft tissue techniques that allow me to be a good manual therapist. I aim for at least 60% of treatment time to be spent working on patients. This can include deep tissue massage, muscle testing and stretching, trigger point therapy, cross fibre massage, medical acupuncture and many more techniques. I have learnt from my own injuries that the soft tissues need to be adjusted before rehabilitation can take place.

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I am passionate about helping people and I love learning about the body. Each day is different, no two people are the same. Rehabilitation and remedial exercises interest me, it is a large part of getting someone better, pain free and improve quality of life. This is where I find educating patients is key, we will always make time to discuss the changes you will make.



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